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Tropical Holi-glaze

November 28, 2011 - 9:54am
Britta T

Tropical Holi-glaze

Strolling the stalls of the Little Italy Mercato each week and seeing the ebb and flow of certain fruits and vegetables makes you truly appreciate San Diego's seasons, though subtle they are. We've turned a golden leaf and entered into Winter with new products rolling around all our vendors tables.

Visit Paradise Valley Ranch or Smit Orchards for a taste of bright, sweet Navel oranges- perfect for making fresh juice, reducing an herbed citrus glaze for meats or fish. Try shopping at Poppa's Fresh Fish for delicious filets of fish, fresh clams and oysters.

Since the days are still warm and sunny- try giving your next dinner or treat a tropical twist. Guavas from Polito Farms or Rancho Mexico Lindo are ripe and fragrant right now! Try making a most delicious guava sauce with fresh lime from Schaner's Farm and spreading it over sauteed pasture fed chicken from Spur Valley Ranch and caramelized onions. Or add a little heat to the glaze by sautéing a habanero pepper from Suzies' Farm with garlic and onions from Vang Farms and orange juice with fresh guavas. 

And for dessert (or breakfast) you could indulge in the Mexican dish "Dulce de Calabasa". It's made by boiling down pumpkin, guava, lime, and raw sugar to make a mouthwatering sweet treat.

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