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Soothing Your Savage Sweet Tooth

August 23, 2011 - 8:52am
Carolyn K


Do you have a savage sweet tooth that needs to be soothed?  Then, look no further than the North Park Farmers market.  If you covet cupcakes, then you'll want to make a stop at the iconic hot-pink truck of Cupcakes and Beyond.  Their cupcakes are filled with only the finest natural ingredients and they're baked fresh daily.  If you crave cookies, then our new vendor Sunshine Cookie Company has the cure with their homestyle treats, and Cookie Chew is  featuring  dark chocolate espresso truffles stuffed inside their signature brown sugar cookie this month. They may give you an excuse to have chocolate for breakfast. 

For the vegan sweet tooth, the lemon bars from Mocai Vegan will surely satisfy or try a dark chocolate peanut butter cup from Pacific Beach Peanut Butter. More cures for your sugar blues include the handcrafted cinnamon sticky buns by Belen Artisan Bread, organic and gluten free cheesecake at Liskos, Baklava from Baba Foods and let's not forget the goat cheese popsicles made by Viva Pops and sold by Nicolau Farms.  For the more sophisticated sweet tooth, Taste Cheese never disappoints with a triple creme brie or an aged blue cheese paired with your favorite fruit.  Finish your sweet treat adventure with a stop at the  Original Paw Pleasers to pick up some grain free cookies, treats and doggie ice cream because your furry friend has a sweet tooth too!


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