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Souper Mercato

February 25, 2011 - 5:19pm
Chris S


This Saturday will be cold, at least by San Diego standards, and that has us thinking of some of our favorite soups.  Beets and carrots from Suzie's Farm are the basis of a satisfying bowl of borscht, seasoned with fresh dill.  Swiss chard and kale from JR Organics make a gorgeous green soup that really comes alive when topped with a bit of fresh chevre from Niciolau Farms.  If you've got the time, grab a fresh whole chicken from Descanso Valley or Dale Ranch and spend the afternoon turning it into tortilla soup; finish it with avocado slices from Paradise Valley.  Bouillabaisse, cioppino and moqueca are just a few of the world's famous seafood stews; see Poppa's Fresh Fish or Bristol Bay Salmon if you're ready to invent your own famous fish soup.  Winter squashes from Sage Mountain are a great start to a hearty winter soup; we sprinkle  chopped chipotle flavored almonds from Hopkins Ag on our version for the crunch and the extra kick.  If you need another soup idea this Saturday, come to the info booth; we can point you to the best ingredients in the world.  If you've got a great soup recipe to share that uses farm fresh local produce, please send it to us at  Have a souper Saturday!

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