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Seeding is Believing

November 9, 2011 - 3:00pm
Julie R

Pomegranate season is upon us and that lovely pink-skinned fruit is all over the North Park Farmers’ Market. See them in abundance at John Gilruth’s and R & L Farms’ stands. The trick to eating them is to cut them in half then bang on them until all the seeds come out. There is the more delicate way of digging the seeds out with your fingers but that eliminates all the fun; if you are still a touch daunted, Paradise Valley Ranch has packages of pomegranate seeds ready to go. Take them home to cook with or snack on them as you stroll the market. Once you have the seeds out the possibilities are endless: throw them in yogurt, top your green salad for a sweet/sour crunch, or throw them into pancake batter for a new twist and serve with wildflower honey from Meljess Bees.

Want to incorporate more farmers’ market ingredients? Mix the seeds with chopped cucumbers from Suzie’s Farm, lime juice from R&L, and cilantro and diced chilies from JR Organics for a fresh salsa that is fantastic on fish tacos. Mix fresh citrus with the pomegranate seeds and toss with Grand Marnier or Triple Sec and serve as a sweet salad or over ice cream.  Impress your friends with your ingenuity and creativity at your next pomegranate-themed dinner party; serve them champagne or cava with pomegranate seeds floating in it for a fun and festive fall cocktail. Slice and grill eggplant and top with pomegranate seeds, feta from Nicolau Farms, mint and a glug of Bari Olive oil. Serve as a vegetarian entrée with hummus from Baba Foods and couscous with more seeds tossed in for color. Seeding is believing!


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