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March 4, 2013 - 9:54am
Christopher S.

The busy bees at Mikolich Honey have been working overtime to supply the Pacific Beach Tuesday Farmers’ Market with Wine Country Wildflower, Orange Blossom, Wild Buckwheat, and Sage and Alfalfa honeys.

Stop by for a sample and note the subtle differences in flavor based on the nectars of the different plants the bees feed on. Create a sticky situation by spreading your favorite honey on toasted Belen Bakery bread and cover another slice with Pacific Beach Peanut Butter for a high energy sandwich. Get all four ingredients needed for this Strawberry Honey Jam recipe at the market; Grab strawberries at Suzie's Farm or Kawano Farm, lemons from Gilbert Quintos Farm and apples from Smit Orchards.

Spoon a little honey into a steaming mug of Tea Gallerie’s specialty infusions and keep warm on chilly mornings. Pick up thyme from Maciel Farm and chevre from Nicolau Goat Farm for these honey-goat cheese appetizers. Have a sweet Tuesday!



February 14, 2013 - 8:57am
Chris S. & Brijet M.

Have you ever wondered about the different honeys at the Little Italy Mercato Farmers’ Market? Heritage Farm, Mikolich Honey and Papa Jim's honey offered by The Farmers' Daughter are all available at the Mercato. 

At each farm, the varietys of honey don’t generally come from different bees, but from the same bees on different diets; alfalfa honey is from bees feeding on fields of green, wildflower honey is harvested when rain brings blooming flowers, and orange blossom honey is from hives housed in orchards when the trees are flowering. They’re all completely raw and natural, unfiltered and unpasteurized.

Try drizzling honey over roasted winter squash from Schaner Farm, mixing it into Greek yogurt from Ancient Secrets for this pretty snack, or blending it with pistachios from Smit Orchards or Hopkins AG to make pistachio butter. Bee sure to also check out the adorable beeswax beehive candles at Mikolich Honey, raw honey comb from Papa Jim's and take home a jar of natural bee pollen from Heratige Farm.

Have a sweet day!



August 14, 2012 - 10:48am
Chris S.

Get ready to go back to school with the first fresh Gala apples from Smit Orchards at the North Park Thursday Farmers’ Market. Enjoy crisp apple wedges dipped in all natural almond butter from Hopkins Ag, or make a sweet treat by dipping them in orange blossom honey from Meljess Bees.

Make a grilled cheese that’s sure to please with French country bread from Belen Bakery, fresh butter and cheddar cheese from Springhill Cheese Company, and thinly sliced apples - we like to add a handful of arugula from Suzie’s Farm just before we put the sandwich together. Make an awesome apple salad with fresh greens from your favorite farmer, apples, strawberries from Rodney Kawano Farm, honey roasted almonds from Smit Orchards and fresh chevre from Taste Cheese, all tossed with white balsamic from California Olive.

You may need more than an apple a day!


August 13, 2012 - 11:18am
Chris S.

Shop for dinner, stay for dessert at the Pacific Beach Tuesday Farmers’ Market! Visit Sunnyside Kitchen for freshly baked cookies just like Mom used to make (but even better!) like Chocolate Delight, Peanut Butter and Mama’s Oatmeal. Don’t miss their banana oatmeal muffins and brownie bites too! Under the Crust has apple crumb, blueberry, lemon and pecan pies among their amazing offerings- check out their mini-pies in tiny tins, perfect for single servings! Grab a few as a hostess gift.

Use Mikolich honey instead of sugar in your baking recipes, like this honey cake with stewed strawberries recipe. You can get the eggs from PV Ranch and berries from J.R. Organics at the PB Market too! Moncai Vegan bakes carrot cake and fudge brownies, both gluten-free, as well as awesome cinnamon rolls and giant salted caramel cupcakes (a market staff favorite!).

Stop by Belen Bakery for a classic tollhouse cookie, scones and blueberry bread to satisfy your sweet tooth. Check out the unusual dessert tamales from Gourmet Tamales, including strawberry apple, orange mango and pumpkin spice. Our farmers' friut always makes a healthy sweet ending to your market meal. Life is short, eat dessert first!




March 30, 2012 - 1:52pm
Chris S

We’re making a slew of slaws from the fresh, crunchy vegetables at the Little Italy Mercato farmers' market this week.  If you think of cole slaw as a bowl of limp cabbage swimming in vaguely mayonaise-y dressing, you’ve been missing out on some great spring salads! Almost any of the fresh produce at the market can be made into a slaw, which is nothing more than fresh, raw fruits or veggies sliced thin and tossed with your favorite dressing.  

Stop by Suzie’s Farm and Smit Orchards to stock up for carrot-apple fennel slaw.  Lacinato kale from JR Organics, an avocado from Gilbert Quintos, and toasted almonds from Hopkins AG combine in this kale slaw.  Make up your own recipe using broccoli, cabbage or kohlrabi from Vang Farms; create a dressing of artisan oil and vinegar from Gianni's, citrus fruits from Paradise Valley Ranch, and Mikolich honey. Or use local olive oil from Marion's pastured eggs from Schaner Farms if you really like the mayonnaised version.  Just make sure everything in your recipe is fresh and local - it’s the slaw of the land!

BEE Mine Tonight at PB Tuesday Market

February 14, 2012 - 5:58pm
Brijet M

It's not too late to rev up the romance, just check in at the Pacific Beach Tuesday Farmers’ Market this Valentine's Day. 

Get in the mood with juicy, sweet strawberries from J.R. Organics, sweet Fiji Apples from Smit Orchards and some lemon quark from Springhill Cheese for dipping. Almonds are considered an aphrodisiac, even without Hopkins AG's luscious Mexican chocolate coating, so don't forget those. 

Buy two Elderberry, Lemon Curd or Red Velvet Sugar and Scribe cupcakes and toast to your happiness. 

Select a special gift from our newest vendor, Ramona Bath and Body. Choose a made-from-scratch goat milk soap, lotion or relaxing bath salts. Or tell her "Bee Mine" with cute personal sized love bears or honey sticks from Mikolich Honey, and a favorite tea from Pangea or Agora Bean & Leaf.

Of course you can’t have Valentines’ Day without flowers! Maldonado Growers, Gilbert Quintos Farms, and JR Organics all have perfect blossoms for your beloved! Or choose a unique succulent bloom from John Gilruth to make your Valentine's eyes light up.

No sweetheart to share the holiday this year? Delight your 4-legged Valentine with goodies from Natural Pet. Your furry friend will always be true, but a brand new handmade collar and a bag of all natural treats couldn't hurt. Love the one you're with!


Pulling off Thanksgiving

November 21, 2011 - 11:46am
Britta T

Just in case you're still planning a huge Thanksgiving gathering and haven't got your table settings in order, there are plenty of resources for decorations and festive accessories at the Pacific Beach Tuesday Farmers' Market. 

Doll up your dining experience using fall produce as natural decoration. You can find miniature pumpkins from Maciel & Family or Suzie's Farm to perch upon your hearth. Or gather brightly hued satsuma oranges and pomegranates from Lone Oak Ranch and display them in prettty dishes across your table. JR Organics will still have a supply of gorgeous, handmade wreaths made from ornamental peppers and flowers, and John Gilruth's booth is full of blooming succulents to give your dinner an earthy, cozy feel. You can also create your own colorful array of blossoms from the many fall flower varieties from Maldonado Flower growers..  

Greeting family and friends with gifts is always a welcome and wonderful surprise. Mikolich Honey has adorable holiday gift packs with cute little beeswax candles and honey samplers. Or stop by and pick out hand lotion, body scrub, or even edible lavender caramel from Keys Creek Lavender Farm. 

Enjoy the Holiday- Many blessings from the SD Weekly Market Team!



August 11, 2011 - 2:05pm
Britta T


Aesop might have been mistaken when he boasted about sour grapes, because we have tasted and we have seen their sweetness at the Little Italy Mercato. Stop by Lone Oak Ranch, Smit Orchards or Terra Bella Ranch to grab some of the finest grapes of the first harvest.

If you're bored with plain jane grape salads and cheap grape popsicles, try your luck at making this surprisingly delightful grape and nectarine butter. It will surely turn any sour faces into smiles! Spread a dollop on a baguette from Bread & Cie, paired with a soft cheese like Minuet or even ripe Camembert from Taste Cheese. Or perhaps you'd like to enjoy it fresh with some rich, creamy peanut butter from Pacific Beach Peanut Butter on a slice of Sunflower Flaxseed bread from Belen Bakery. Mmmm.

Here's how you make it: Put 7-8 ripe nectarines, diced coarsely (no need to remove skins) and 4 cups of concord grapes in a large pan. Cover and simmer 20 to 30 minutes until the fruit gets soft. Strain seeds through a food mill (or mash and press through a fine strainers). Return remaining pulp to the pan. Boil gently, stirring constantly until reduced by half. Turn off the heat, add 1/4 cup of raw honey from Heritage Family Farms or Mikolich Farm and mix well. Pour fruit butter into sterilized jars, leaving some headspace. Check out Simply Canning for proper sealing/canning methods and tips..



June 17, 2011 - 12:03pm
Hillary E.


It's not just fruits and vegetables around here, folks, we've got something for everyone. Come take a stroll and discover the sweeter side of life - and the Little Italy Mercato - and what it has to offer.

Mikolich Honey brings only the best local, raw honey in varieties that change with the season and what's in bloom. Right now it's a light as can be blend of wild sage and alfalfa, but keep an eye out for a few jars of buckwheat honey too.

Caramel sauce isn't just an ice cream topper anymore. Owner of Praline Patisserie, Cruz Caudillo, gives his customers great, outside the box tips for using the his caramel sauces. Flavors like lavender and smoked applewood can be used to sweeten teas or in marinades, but we won't tell if you just want to eat it by the spoon full.

Viva Pops is back in regular rotation through the summer. Find their red umbrella and little Popsicle cart, and you've found the prefect treat. Using what's fresh and in season, Viva Pops creates out of this world flavors like blackberry and violet cream, apricot lemongrass and spicy chocolate chipotle.


March 18, 2011 - 12:38pm
Hillary E.


Sweet, sticky, gooey; it's all about honey. The bees are a buzzin', busy pollinating plants and taking the sweet nectar of flowers back to the hive to make this all natural treat. It's flora and fauna working in perfect synergy. Get your honey fix at Heritage Family Farms, who offer both local honey and granules of bee pollen, and every other Saturday at Impeccable Taste.

A drizzle over your favorite blue from Taste Cheese takes your cheese plate to a whole new level. Roast your root vegetables from Vang Farms and Sage Mountain by tossing them with a little olive oil and balsamic vinegar from Thyme of Essence and a spoonful of honey. It's also tasty swirled into your morning bowl of yogurt and granola from Scratch. There's even an old wives tale that says a little dose of local honey a day can help fight seasonal allergies, so long as it's raw and unfiltered (raw, unfiltered honey contains small amounts local pollen, the culprit behind hay fever).

From the hard working bees that make it possible to the phenomenal pairings you can create with foods, we're just crazy about this nature made treat. Buy local honey and support local honey bees.

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