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gruyere cheese

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Eat it Now

October 3, 2011 - 1:40pm
Britta T

You can't deny the the season for warmer foods and cooler temperatures is here. October has already brought us beautiful foggy mornings, deliciously warm afternoons, and brisk evenings when we can and should be gathering with friends and family to eat together, meet together, and give praise where it's due to the incredible flavors of Fall. 

This week at the North Park Farmers' Market, be sure to do your homework and taste all the gorgeous offerings our vendors have to offer. Fuji apples and Royal Flame grapes from Smit Orchards are in their prime! Persimmons from John Gilruth are begging you to try them, and pears, pomegranates, and passionfruit from R&L are heavy with sweet juices. The guys at JR Organics are proudly stacking their orange glowing pumpkins and squash, so roll them around and pick out your best for jack'o'lanterns and pies. Don't forget to keep your eyes peeled for fresh broccoli, leeks, and carrots from Suzie's. It's time to cook it all down into warm soups and feed your folks!

Take home a slab of yummy gruyere cheese from Taste Cheese, just plucked earthen potatoes from Produce Stand, some fennel and chives or some yummy ham from Da Le Ranch and whip yourself up a soft, warm gratin that will beckon the neighbors for dinner. Drink wine or cider, take things slow, and catch up on everything that fell in between the cracks this summer...

Fall is fabulous, isn't it??


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