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green juice

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August 18, 2011 - 2:24pm
Britta T


We've heard a lot of buzz lately about green drinks, green energy and green washing. If you're aware of the different ways you can practice a more environmentally conscious lifestyle, we're right there with you and the Pacific BEach Tuesday Farmers' Market is a great place to practice "being green". It's easier than Kermit the Frog thought, and these are just a few of the ways that our vendors and our shoppers support sustainable practices.

1) Offering local, mostly organic products!
Admit it, the food tastes better and you feel good knowing that you're supporting local business owners and farmers. It's great for you and even better for mother nature.

2) Recycle!
Vendors like Happy Pantry offer a $1 discount on jars of pickles if you return the jar every week. Paradise Valley Ranch will refill your empty egg cartons or your plastic sacks for oranges. The guys from Green Fix love if you can reuse your plastic smoothie bottles or glass gallon jugs every week.

Even better than recycling containers, many of our vendors go above and beyond to get the most use out of their crops. Lone Oak Ranch takes all the grapes that they don't sell at the market, dries them and sells the sweet, sun baked raisins. And Suzie's Farm encourages shoppers to bring back their CSA boxes every week to be re-filled with fresh veggies or to compost the greens they don't cook with to feed their chickens!

3) Speaking of "Green Fix"- If you haven't already joined the viral "green smoothie a day keeps the doctor away" movement, check out the award winning documentary, "Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead". You'll be aching to stop by the Green Fix booth every week to get your drink on!

4) Reuse Canvas Bags
Instead of using so many plastic products every week (for everything from your hot food items, beverages, and produce bags), we encourage our vendors to use more eco friendly packaging products and our shoppers to come prepared with reusable bags or beverage containers. Remember, if you forget, we've got insulated reusable bags for sale at the Info booth!

5) Choosing Two wheels over Four
Not only is it fun and good exercise to ride your beautiful bike to a farmers' market, but you limit the amount of gas you consume every week and lessen the load of traffic in and around markets. Get a basket and take home your fresh produce while doing something good for the earth!

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