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green garlic

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Grin and Carrot

March 28, 2012 - 2:12pm
Chris S


Crunchy carrots from Kawano, Suzie’s Farm and JR Organics at the North Park Farmers’ Market make the perfect snack anytime, whether you dunk them in raw garlic spread from Majestic Garlic, hummus from Lisko or Baba Foods, or any of the delicious Bitchin’ Sauce flavors.

Toss shredded carrots with  olive oil from the California OIive,  a squeeze of fresh lemon from Gilbert Quintos or Paradise Valley and a little mustard for a classic French carrot salad; add apples, almonds and raisins from Smit Orchards to give it an American twist (but skip drowning them in mayo ala the old school cafeteria version).  

If you’d rather cook  your carrots, try this gorgeous vegetable ribbon pasta recipe; you’ll want to add zucchini from Valdivia Farms, mushrooms from Kawano and butter from Springhill Cheese Company to your shopping list.  Don’t overlook the carrots’ edible green tops; grab some green garlic from Suzie’s and almonds from Hopins AG and whip up this carrot top pesto to spread on ciabatta from Belen Bakery or, better yet, drizzle it over homemade carrot soup.  That’s a bowl of 24 carrot gold!


February 3, 2011 - 1:19pm
Hillary E.


Green garlic.  Sounds very gourmet doesn't it? But don't be intimidated, green garlic, which is sometimes called spring or new garlic, is just immature garlic bulbs pulled before they reach full size. Resembling a slightly larger scallion with hints of purple at the white ends, these usually don't start showing up until early spring, but once again we can thank our perfect climate for bringing yet another crop into the Little Italy Mercato ahead of schedule. Pick up a bunch now at Schaner Farms, and use it in place of garlic cloves or scallions; keeping in mind that it's milder than the full grown version, but stronger than your typical green onion. With some basil from Suzie's Farm, red walnuts from Terra Bella Ranch, your favorite olive oil and some Parmesan cheese, you've got the makings for a great pesto. Or slip some into your Super Bowl Salsa.  A little garlic breath never hurt anyone.

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