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Festa Recipes: Indigo Grill

October 5, 2011 - 12:29pm
Britta T


Chef Deborah Scott offers an impressive array of all kinds of cuisine, and this weekend you can taste a sample of her delicious ceviche, Italian style of course to pair with the Festa activities. In case you're tempted to try it out on your own, you can walk up Cedar Street and source all the ingredients you need, fresh from the farms! Her recipe can be found here, and it  makes a hefty volume, so adjust accordingly. 

Select three or four pounds of seafood from Poppa's Fresh Fish (she calls for squid and octopus, but fresh shrimp or fish will work wonderfully). Choose 
2 large onions and a few jalapenos from Suzie's Farm, pick out 10 juicy tomatoes from JR Organics, 10 cucumbers from Maciel Family Farms, chop up a bunch of fresh cilantro and parsley, and dice all of that together with lime juice
, fresh pressed orange juice from Polito Farms, 
sea salt from Salt Farm. Let it marinate for 30 minutes or so, and enjoy with fresh avocados and orange slices from Paradise Valley Ranch. 


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