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DaLe Ranch

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February 20, 2013 - 2:23pm
Christopher S.

There’s few foods more comforting than slowly braised, locally raised meats from DaLe Ranch at the North Park Thursday Farmers’ Market. Braising is a long, low heat cooking method that produces meltingly tender meats and vegetables -get tips here on the technique and ask rancher Dave for the best cuts of chicken, pork, beef and lamb (all hormone and antibiotic free) to use.

Be sure to add hearty vegetables like potatoes and sweet potatoes from Proios Family Farm, winter squash from African Sisters’ Farm, carrots from Kawano Farm and parsnips, turnips or radishes from JR Organics. (Vegetarians can make a great braise without the meat, of course!) Herbs like rosemary and thyme from Suzie’s Farm add depth and flavor. Combine your ingredients in the oven or crock pot and enjoy a braise-y day while they cook!

We've Got your Goat

March 3, 2011 - 11:47am
Chris S


Twenty years ago goat cheese was all but impossible to find in the United States, but these days you can find an amazing selection of California goat cheeses, as well as some of the finest imports from Europe, at the Little Italy Mercato.  Taste Cheese will be bringing Balarina aged goat gouda from Holland and soft-ripened Leonora from Spain as well as Humboldt Fog and Purple Haze from California's Cypress Grove.  Ask Mary about other goat milk cheeses on Saturday.

Springhill Farms has goat's milk versions of their cheddar and dry jack cheeses; add sauteed mushrooms from Kawano and fresh spinach from your favorite farmer, you are well on your way to a world class gourmet grilled cheese. Nicolau Farms has been milking goats since 2000, and their herd has finally grown large enough to allow them to bring fresh and aged cheeses to the Mercato.  Try their original chevre with a drizzle of fresh pesto from Basiltops, or their Portuguese style aged cheese with sliced Pink Lady apples from Smit Orchard; you'll be sold!  Look for their fresh goat's milk yogurt later this spring. 

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