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Pacific Beach Farmers' Market Blog


August 20, 2012 - 2:04pm
Chris S.

Forget about the same old salad and try something new instead from the Pacific Beach Tuesday Farmers’ Market. Stop by JR Organics for a bunch of fresh sorrel, a tangy, citrus-y, spicy leaf that might be an herb and might be a green, but is definitely delicious when tossed with roasted beets from Maciel Farm and a little goat cheese from Nicolau Farm. Dress it simply with a drizzle of delicate oil from The California Olive Oil Company and a squeeze of fresh lemon from John Gilruth. Try a beet and goat cheese salad recipe variation here

Purslane is a crisp, slightly tart succulent grown by Gilbert Quintos; try it tossed with radishes, cucumber and a drizzle of Bistro Citrus Balsamic from Bistro Blends. Suzie’s Farm arugula has a bright, peppery taste; make an a-list salad by adding apples from Smit Orchards, Asian pears from Gilbert Quintos, and almonds from Hopkins Ag. Toss together something fresh tonight!



August 13, 2012 - 11:18am
Chris S.

Shop for dinner, stay for dessert at the Pacific Beach Tuesday Farmers’ Market! Visit Sunnyside Kitchen for freshly baked cookies just like Mom used to make (but even better!) like Chocolate Delight, Peanut Butter and Mama’s Oatmeal. Don’t miss their banana oatmeal muffins and brownie bites too! Under the Crust has apple crumb, blueberry, lemon and pecan pies among their amazing offerings- check out their mini-pies in tiny tins, perfect for single servings! Grab a few as a hostess gift.

Use Mikolich honey instead of sugar in your baking recipes, like this honey cake with stewed strawberries recipe. You can get the eggs from PV Ranch and berries from J.R. Organics at the PB Market too! Moncai Vegan bakes carrot cake and fudge brownies, both gluten-free, as well as awesome cinnamon rolls and giant salted caramel cupcakes (a market staff favorite!).

Stop by Belen Bakery for a classic tollhouse cookie, scones and blueberry bread to satisfy your sweet tooth. Check out the unusual dessert tamales from Gourmet Tamales, including strawberry apple, orange mango and pumpkin spice. Our farmers' friut always makes a healthy sweet ending to your market meal. Life is short, eat dessert first!



Next Up: San Diego Public Market

August 6, 2012 - 1:51pm
Catt F


London has Borough Market. Barcelona has La Boqueria and Clevelend has the Westside Market. Just like the weather, everyone talks about a Pike Place-style public market for San Diego but no one does anything about it. Until now. Get ready for the new San Diego Public Market, coming to downtown soon!

Dale Fitzmorris Steele started searching for a public market venue in 2000, entering into talks regarding the historic San Diego Police Station on Broadway before exploring a Liberty Station location.

SD Weekly Markets' Catt Fields White developed and manages the Little Italy Mercato, North Park Thursday and Pacific Beach Tuesday farmers’ markets, and sees a permanent venue combined with neighborhood markets as the next stage for local farmers, artisan food manufacturers and purveyors, chefs and craftspeople. 

Together, Steele and White's Public Market Group has leased a 2-acre site on National Avenue, just a few blocks from Petco Park and the Convention Center.There, San Diego Public Market will expand the local food system and offer community-based business incubation and education programs focused on food and nutrition.

“It is the first property we found that really offers the size and variety of architecturally interesting indoor and outdoor spaces we needed, ready to fill with our vision of weekly farmers’ markets, a permanent food hall, special event and educational programming in a dynamic location,” says White.

Fundraising underway now allows the public to contribute to the creation of a community food hub and gathering place. via memberships, sponsorships, a Kickstarter campaign, and pre-purchase of market shopping cards.

A weekly Wednesday morning farmers’ market will debut this month, focusing on selling to local chefs in addition to downtown residents and destination shoppers. A weekend market will soon follow. Like San Diego Public Market on Facebook for daily updates. 


August 5, 2012 - 2:57pm
Chris S.


Nothing says summer like cool, crisp, sweet, sticky and succulent watermelon from the Pacific Beach Tuesday Farmers’ Market. Proios Family Farm, JR Organics and Kawano Farms are all harvesting melons large and small, red and golden for your enjoyment. Slice ‘em to eat on their own or dice into chunks to mix with grapes and peaches from R&L Farms in a summer fruit salad.

Pick the ripest melon by looking for the yellow spot on the bottom that shows it's been in the field a while.

Don’t toss the seeds out; instead, toss them with a little oil from the California Olive and a pinch of salt and roast for ten minutes in a 350 degree oven for a tasty, crunchy snack that’s great by itself or added to trail mix with raisins and dried apricots from Smit Orchards and almonds from Hopkins Ag. Grab cucumbers and tomatoes from Maciel Farm for this watermelon gazpacho, or try a Southern classic, pickled watermelon rind. Happy summer!


July 30, 2012 - 2:24pm
Chris S.

You know you can get fresh green chard at the Pacific Beach Tuesday Farmers’ Market from Maciel Farms, JR Organics, Kawano Farms, Suzie’s Farm and Gilbert Quintos. You know it’s delicious when sauteed with garlic from Proios Family Farm and a little extra virgin oil from the California Olive. But did you know this? Chard is actually a form of beet; beets are chard that’s been selectively bred to produce big, sweet, earthy flavored roots, while chard is beets bred to devote their energy into large, leafy greens. The stems of chard may be naturally green, red, or golden, depending on the variety, but rainbow chard is a man made creation - it’s really different types of chard bundled together by the farmer to catch your eye! Check out this yummy chard-ravioli recipe, or pick up Italian eggplants at Suzie’s Farm and mushrooms from the Kawano Farm stand to try this Swiss Chard Stuffed Eggplant. Chard’s low in calories, high in fiber, and like other leafy green vegetables, can help reduce the risk of both cancer and heart disease as part of a healthy diet, so add something that’s good and good for you to your shopping cart - it isn’t chard to do!


July 23, 2012 - 3:04pm
Chris S.

The Pacific Beach Tuesday Farmers’ Market is awash with summer squash in many varieties from your favorite local farms. Kids love flying saucer shaped pattypan squash from Kawano Farms; pick up fresh spinach for this kid-friendly stuffed squash recipe. Eight-ball squash from JR Organics are also super stuffers; fill them with a mixture of Nicolau Farms fresh chevre and diced red peppers and onions from Proios Family Farm. Zucchini from Maciel Farm is great for grilling. Slice it in half lengthwise, brush the cut side with Bistro Blends’ Roasted Garlic Chardonnay marinade, then grill and top with grated Peppercorn Dry Jack cheese from Springhill Cheese Company. Stock up on summer squash at the Pacific Beach Tuesday Farmers’ Market!


July 16, 2012 - 3:28pm
Chris S.

Nothing says summer like crisp, refreshing cucumbers from Maciel Farm, Kawano Farms, J.R. Organics and Suzie’s Farm at the Pacific Beach Tuesday Farmers’ Market. Cool as the other side of the pillow, fresh cucumbers add crunch to salads and sandwiches, gazpacho and salsas. Need a cool summer drink? Add a few slices of cucumber to your water pitcher, chill over night and be ready for an amazingly refreshing beverage the next day - add a squeeze of fresh lime from Paradise Valley if you like. A cool snack? Mix Springhill Cheese lemon quark with chopped parsley, basil and mint from Suzie’s Farm and spread it on freshly sliced cucumbers. Cool soup? Puree cucumbers and fresh dill with a little yogurt for a crowd pleasing chilled number. Try a fresh fruity salad of cucumbers and cantaloupe from Kawano Farms. If you’re hankering for homemade pickles, grab dill from Suzie’s Farm or J.R. Organics and garlic and hot peppers if you like yours spicy. No time to make your own gazpacho? Pick up a container at One Fresh Meal and you're ready to go. You’d be a kook to miss out on cukes!


July 2, 2012 - 2:18pm
Chris S.

Celebrate Independence Day by supporting small family farms and local businesses at the Pacific Beach Tuesday Farmers’ Market! Make a red, white and blue salad of red cherries,white peaches and blueberries from Smit Orchards or a slight variation, found here. If you’re grilling on the Fourth, there’s nothing more American than corn on the cob from Kawano or Maciel Farms. Spring onions from Gilbert Quintos, sweet peppers from Suzie’s Farm, and summer squash from JR Organics are also great on the grill. Feeling red, white and bitchin'? Grab some spicy Bitchin' Sauce for a bit of fireworks in your mouth! Don’t forget something cool to wash it all down - grab lemons from John Gilruth or Paradise Valley Ranch and honey from Mikolich Family Honey for an all-American lemonade. Happy Birthday America!

Life's a Peach!

May 7, 2012 - 3:22pm
Chris S

The season’s first white and yellow peaches from Smit Orchards and Lone Oak Ranch sweeten up the Pacific Beach Farmers’ Market this Tuesday. Fresh, juicy peaches are perfect on their own, or sliced and tossed with strawberries from Kawano Farms, blueberries from Smit Orchards and tangelos from John Gilruth.

Peaches are a grill’s best friend; if you’re firing up the barbecue tonight, start your dinner with this grilled peach and avocado salad with hass avocados from Mexico Lindo. We couldn't believe what grilling adds to peaches and avocados. Grab some early season tomatoes from JR Organics, thyme from Suzie’s, fresh goat cheese from Nicolau Farms and citrus balsamic vinaigrette from Bistro Blends for this peach and heirloom tomato salad.  For a unique and refreshing summer sipper, pick up lavander from Gilbert Quintos and honey from Mikolich for peach-lavander agua frescas.  

Have a little more experience in the kitchen? Finish dinner with a flourish by bringing home pastured eggs from Paradise Valley for this sabayon with balsamic peaches.  We’ll see you at the Pacific Peach Tuesday Farmers’ Market!

Loquation, Loquation, Loquation

April 30, 2012 - 5:03pm
Chris S


Loquats from Rancho Mexico Lindo are occupying prime real estate at the Pacific Beach Tuesday Farmers’ Market just a couple of blocks from the ocean. Look for yellow-orange fruits about the size of a small lemon with an aroma of apricot and pineapple. They’re most often enjoyed fresh just the way they come off the tree, or sliced into a salad with other fruits like navel oranges from Paradise Valley Ranch, the season's first white peaches from Lone Oak or Fuji apples from Smit Orchards.

Loquats  also make great pies and cobblers, on their own or together with other fruits, and you can find more great ways to use them here.  Loquat butter, mmmm. A native of Asia, the loquat is related to the apple but it is nicknamed the Japanese plum, probably because its flesh is similar in color and texture to a plum. They have a short life span once picked, so they’re not often available in supermarkets; pick them up fresh at the farmers’ market instead to enjoy the best loquation in the nation.