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Pacific Beach Farmers' Market Blog


December 3, 2012 - 10:30am
Christopher S.

Find natural, local, pastured chickens and eggs at the Pacific Beach Tuesday Farmers’ Market. Descanso Valley Ranch is home to birds that meet the prestigious French label rouge standards for quality - you’ll definitely notice the deeper, richer flavor of the meat. Roast it simply with salt, pepper, and fresh savory herbs from JR Organics, or make a big batch of chicken soup - you don’t have to wait ‘til you catch a cold to enjoy it!

The hens at Paradise Valley Ranch roam the avocado orchards by day and enjoy a diet of grass, bugs, and the occasional fallen fruit while they simultaneously provide natural fertilizer to the trees. Their eggs have sunny golden yolks and an incomparable taste. Combine them with persimmons from Smit Orchards or Gilbert Quintos Farm and a country French loaf from Belen Bakery in this amazing persimmon bread pudding.

Happy hens lay great eggs!


November 26, 2012 - 3:55pm
Catt W.

Love them or hate them (and people tend to go one way or another), you can find deep scarlet, orange and yellow beets at the Pacific Beach Tuesday Farmers' Market now, fresh from the fields at Suzie's Farm, Maciel Farm or Proios Family Farm. 

Honestly, I've always loved beets, long before the market made it easy to bring a bunch home any fall or winter Thursday. Rows and rows of jars of pickled beets glinted like rubies in my grandmother's pantry, and she was always happy to slide a few onto a plate beside a sandwich or stain a salad with a few slices. 

If you're dealing with a skeptic, try these salty Parmesan Beet Chips made easy with garlic infused olive oil from California Olive. Toss roasted chunks with crumbled fresh goat cheese from Springhill Farm and greens from J.R. Organics and you'll rival the best restaurants in town. Or disguise and conquer with these crazy Beet Brownies: that's what we call a jazz beet!



November 12, 2012 - 12:43pm

Tahitian or Bearss limes from Paradise Valley Ranch at the Pacific Beach Tuesday Farmers’ Market add a spicy, fragrant flavor along with a splash of bright acidity to guacamole, salsas, or margaritas (for the over 21 set!).

Find more fresh limes at R&L Farms, Ranchito Rainbow and Gilbert Quintos Farm. Pick up wild caught halibut from the Salmon Slinger and cilantro from Suzies Farm for this simply delicious cilantro-lime halibut, or kick it up a notch by garnishing the dish with these spicy Indian lime pickles. Use fresh chevre from Nicolau Goat Farm and pastured eggs from Descanso Valley Ranch to make these amazing goat cheese and lime cheesecake cookies; garnish them with candied lime peels.

Isn’t it time you cooked with limes?


November 12, 2012 - 11:47am
Christopher S.


Cool fall evenings are a great time for soup from the Pacific Beach Tuesday Farmers Market. Visit One Fresh Meal for tasty treats like zesty lentil, parsnip and apple curry, winter squash bisque or autumn minestrone. The soups are loaded with local and organic veggies and made fresh daily, and they also offer house baked peasant bread that’s perfect for dipping.

If you’d rather make your own, pick up potatoes from Proios Family Farm, kale from Gilbert Quintos Farm and sausage from Ochoa Family Chorizo for this classic caldo verde, or grab pumpkins from JR Organics and fresh chestnuts from Smit Orchards for chestnut-pumpkin soup.

Combine happy rich broccoli and cheddar cauliflower from Suzie’s Farm with organic cheddar from Springhill Cheese Company in this recipe, or roast a chicken from Descanso Valley Ranch and make this incredibly flavorful stock from the leftovers.

Have a souper evening!


November 5, 2012 - 2:08pm
Chris S.

Celebrate Beer Week by pairing great local brews with fantastic produce from the Pacific Beach Tuesday Farmers’ Market. Find fuyu persimmons at Ranchito Rainbow, Lone Oak Ranch or Smit Orchards, and combine them with fennel from Suzie’s Farm and Nicolau Farm’s chevre in this salad; pair it with Alesmith Li’l Devil, a bright, fruity and spicy Belgian-style ale.

Roasted winter squashes from JR Organics or Proios Family Farm go great with amber ales; we especially liked this kabocha squash recipe with Green Flash Hop Head Red. San Diego brewers are best known for their India Pale Ales, but you’ll need a bold dish to stand up to their strong flavors - try throwing wild Alaskan salmon filets from the Salmon Slinger on the grill with a glaze of pureed guavas from Gilbert Quintos Farm.

There’s some tasty ideas brewing at the market this week!



October 29, 2012 - 2:43pm
Brijet M.

Find fresh fuyu persimmons from Gilbert Quintos’ Farm and Rainbow Ranchito at the Pacific Beach Tuesday Farmers’ Market. Look for small, bright orange fruits with a sweet floral aroma and firm flesh. They may look like squat, orange tomatoes but will have large flat stem on top.

Some varieties of persimmons are very tannic, and nearly inedible before they’re fully ripe and soft, but fuyu persimmons are much less astringent and can be enjoyed while they’re still crisp like an apple. Be sure to ask your farmer what kind of persimmon they are offering and how to best prepare them to eat. 

We've heard of persimmon salads, teas and even persimmon maragritas made in cinnamon salt rimmed glasses (yum!). Grab a bag of fresh-made tortilla chips from Ochoa Chorizo and whip up this persimmon salsa recipe! Their sweet-tart flavor pairs well with soft, fresh cheeses, like Nicolau Farm’s classic chevre or lemon quark from Springhill Cheese Company. They also make wonderful pies and tarts if the weather should cool off enough for us to use our ovens again!

Try this persimmon carpaccio with fennel salad, using fennel from Maciel Family Farm, radishes from Suzie's Farm and a red onion from Proios Farm. Toast pumpkin seeds from J.R. Organics' pumpkins and carve the rest for Halloween! Persimmon granted to enjoy the fall!



October 2, 2012 - 1:35pm
Christopher S.

Pick up a bag of single origin Colombian coffee beans from Azahar Coffee at the Pacific Beach Tuesday Farmers’ Market, or grab a hot cup on the spot from their pour-over coffee bar!

One sip will peak your curiosity about this locally based company that has developed personal relationships with growers throughout Columbia. They perform all the hulling and roasting of the beans in order to insure that each batch is handle with attention to the different flavor characteristics resulting from micro-climate and weather variations.

We think their efforts pay handsome rewards in each cup; enjoy this tasty brew on its own, or with a handmade miniature pie from Under the Crust, a Chocolate Delight cookie from Sunnyside Kitchen, or one of Moncai Vegan’s famous cinnamon rolls. Come find out what's bean going on at the market! 


September 24, 2012 - 2:43pm
Christopher S.

It still feels like summer, but fall crops like Asian pears are appearing at the Pacific Beach Tuesday Farmers’ Market Courtesy of Lone Oak Ranch and Gilbert Quintos Farm.

Asian pears comprise several pear species noted for large, round fruit shaped more like an apple than the more familiar Bartlett pear. The flesh is especially crisp, refreshing and very juicy, while the aroma is distinctly sweet and floral. We like to slice them into a salad with Suzie’s Farm’s arugula, Gilbert Quintos macadamia nuts and Stagionato Misto cheese from Nicolau Goat Farm; don’t forget olive oil and balsamic from The California Olive or Bistro Blends! We pear you to find tastier salad!

Need dessert? Pears can be used in cobblers and crisps, but we love this vanilla roasted pear recipe! Simply delicious! 


September 16, 2012 - 11:26pm
Brijet M.

Go nuts at the Pacific Beach Tuesday Farmers' Market! Hopkins AG brings a wide variety of dry roasted almonds, along with 100% pure almond butter- try a smear of  on your sprouted wheat bread from Belen Bakery toast in the morning for a champion's breakfast. Toss slivered almonds in a salad like this; using the beet stems or a bowl of torn watercress from Suzie's Farm, goat cheese feta from Nicolau Farm and roasted yellow beets from Proios Farm. Feeling extra nutty? Grab a bag of gala apples from Lone Oak Ranch and dip in a jar of your favorite flavored PB Peanut Butter! 

Gilbert Quintos Family Farm has fresh picked macadamia nuts by the basket. These seasonal tree nuts have tough shells to crack, but Gilbert opens them up before he loads up the baskets, saving you the trouble. Feeling perplexed about nuts at farmers' markets? Check out a little back-story on these protein-rich treats here.

Stock up on a few pounds and try making macadamia nut butter. Since macadamia nuts are already so buttery, you don't need to add oil and the result is a smooth, delcious flavor you'll want to eat by the spoonful. 

Grab a farm fresh chicken from Descanso Valley Ranch and make a macadamia nut crusted chicken for dinner tonight. Serve a side of steamed long green beans from Rodney Kawano Farm and grab a fresh coconut from Moncai Vegan to sip while you dine. Aloha! 



September 10, 2012 - 9:13am
Chris S.

Late summer brings Reed avocados to the Pacific Beach Tuesday Farmers’ Market in addition to the year-round Hass avocados. What’s the difference? Reeds are the largest commercially grown variety, have a round shape, and their skin remains bright green when ripe, while Hass avocados are smaller, pear shaped, and typically turn dark, almost black, when ripe.

Reeds aren’t often seen in grocery stores because they are thin skinned and difficult to transport, but many avocado lovers find their rich, buttery flavor to be well worth the extra effort to seek them out at the farmers’ market; visit Paradise Valley Ranch, John Gilruth, Gilbert Quintos and R&L Farms to find avocados this Tuesday.

How do you eat your avocados? We chop 'em and toss 'em on scrambled Descanso Valley Ranch eggs and blend them in our morning smoothie with Pacific Beach Peanut Butter, spinach from J.R. Organics and strawberries from Rodney Kawano Farm (believe us, it's good!). Find more fun ideas for the abundance of avocados at the market here

We avo everything you Reed!