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Mizuna Moving In

October 24, 2011 - 11:11am
Britta T

Cooler days call for cooler veggies, and you can bet that you'll be seeing a huge variety of Winter greens soon as we enter the winter months at the Pacific Beach Tuesday Farmers' Market. Maybe you've never met before, but Mizuna is one of our most welcomed Winte guests. A Japanese green with graceful feathery leaves and a similar peppery flavor to argula, Mizuna is best when eaten raw in salads, or cooked down and simmered with lots of other fresh fall veggies. Tatsoi is another amazing Asian green that has small, heart-shaped, green leaves. It is beautiful in all salads, and tastes strong and spicy, similiar to mustard greens. Both are worth seeking out, and you can find bunches for sale at JR Organics and Suzie's Farm.

Kick it up a notch this week with a quick dinner packed with nutrients and fall flavor. Using 1-2 cups each of chopped tatsoi and mizuna leaves, fresh sliced cucumbers or thin sliced green zucchini and green onions from Maciel Family Farm, create a green-sesame stir fry, topped with baked teriyaki flavoured squash from Produce Stand or roasted eggplant from Kawano Farms with a sweet tahini- dressing.