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Loquation, Loquation, Loquation

April 30, 2012 - 5:03pm
Chris S


Loquats from Rancho Mexico Lindo are occupying prime real estate at the Pacific Beach Tuesday Farmers’ Market just a couple of blocks from the ocean. Look for yellow-orange fruits about the size of a small lemon with an aroma of apricot and pineapple. They’re most often enjoyed fresh just the way they come off the tree, or sliced into a salad with other fruits like navel oranges from Paradise Valley Ranch, the season's first white peaches from Lone Oak or Fuji apples from Smit Orchards.

Loquats  also make great pies and cobblers, on their own or together with other fruits, and you can find more great ways to use them here.  Loquat butter, mmmm. A native of Asia, the loquat is related to the apple but it is nicknamed the Japanese plum, probably because its flesh is similar in color and texture to a plum. They have a short life span once picked, so they’re not often available in supermarkets; pick them up fresh at the farmers’ market instead to enjoy the best loquation in the nation.