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Corn to be Wild

April 23, 2012 - 4:43pm
Chris S


Farmer Rodney Kawano is bringing the season’s first fresh, sweet summer corn from the Imperial Valley to the Pacific Beach Farmers’ Market this Tuesday.  Toss a few ears on the grill and slather them with butter from Springhill Cheese Company for a hot summer snack.  Slice off the kernels, blend them with a little soup stock and serve chilled for a cool corn soup; garnish with sprigs of fresh basil from Suzie’s Farm.  Sautee sweet corn in Hot Bistro Oil from Bistro Blends and add a handful of chopped epazote from Gilbert Quintos for a sizzling side dish.  Mix corn with cilantro, green onion and Anaheim chiles from JR Organics for a sweet and spicy salsa.  Pick up pastured eggs from Paradise Valley and organic cheddar cheese from Springhill for this fantastic corn pudding, or grab avocados from John Gilruth and tomatoes from JR for this avocado and grilled corn salad.  Let us know what you like to do with fresh California grown corn, we’d love to hear your suggestions - in fact, we’re all ears!