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North Park Farmers' Market Blog


January 23, 2013 - 3:47pm
C. Smyczek

Look for acorn, butternut, kabocha, globe and all your favorite winter squashes at the North Park Thursday Farmers’ Market from African Sisters Farm, Valdivia Farm, Suzie’s Farm, JR Organics and Rodney Kawano Farms.

The simplest way to cook them is to slice in half, scoop out the seeds (save and toast the seeds for a crunchy snack) and roast the squash in the oven - the smell of baking squash is almost as enjoyable as eating the end product! Drizzle a little honey from Meljess Bees over the squash and add a sprinkle of your favorite flavor from Spice Lady Spices.

Use almonds from Hopkins AG, dry jack from Springhill Cheese Company and kale from your favorite farmer for this delicious salad, or pick up apples at Smit Orchards for this butternut squash soup.

Looks like the weather may turn cool and wet later this week (remember the North Park Market is open rain-or-shine), and if you’re wearing galoshes, it’s time to cook squashes!


January 16, 2013 - 9:45am
Chris S.

North Park Thursday Farmers’ Market shoppers know that their favorite fruits and vegetables have seasons, but did you know that Springhill Cheese Company butter changes with the seasons?

Their herd of Jersey cows enjoy Sonoma County grasses and wildflowers and when the fields are abloom the butter made from their milk reflects their diet by developing a bright, sunshine color and a subtly floral flavor. Usually this happens in spring, but recent heavy rains have set the fields aflower and given the butter the golden glow.

Try it smeared on Belen Bakery’s country French bread or sautee a handful of Mountain Meadow mushrooms from Kawano Farms’ stand and taste the difference. Slather it on your piece of salmon from Salmon Slingers before you pop it in the oven and bring out the flavor of your fish. Don Tommy's fresh tortillas taste even better (if that's possible) with a swipe of Springhill butter. It’s bloomin’ delicious!

Have a Berry Happy New Year!

January 3, 2013 - 7:34am
Chris S

Only in San Diego: the warm weather late in 2012 means fresh strawberries in January at the North Park Thursday Farmers’ Market from JR Organics, Kawano Farms and Suzie’s Farm.

These super versatile bright red berries are great in desserts but also add a splash of flavor to savory dishes like this strawberry-avocado salad made with honey from Meljess Bees and avocado and citrus from Paradise Valley Ranch, or this tasty ruby kale salad with almonds from Smit Orchards or Hopkins AG.

Wild caught fish filets from the Salmon Slinger get a berry burst in this halibut with strawberry salsa recipe and we can’t resist a cheesecake made with Springhill Cheese Company quark and fresh strawberries. Looks like it's going to be a berry happy New Year!


December 26, 2012 - 8:13am
C. Smyczek

Fresh California oranges from Smit Orchard, R&L Farms and Paradise Valley Ranch at the North Park Thursday Farmers’ Market are sure to brighten your day.

Pair them with pomegranates and fresh mint from Suzie’s Farm in this holiday punch or visit the Spice Lady and make a festive orange pomander. Roasted beets from Proios Farm co-star with the citrus in this winter salad (we couldn’t resist topping it with chevre from The San Diego Cheese Store), and wild Alaskan filets from the Salmon Slinger get a burst of brightness in this orange-fennel-salmon.

Try a new twist on broccoli from Kawano Farms with this recipe for roasted florets or just simply peel and eat your favorite orange on the go! Orange you glad you get year round citrus?


December 19, 2012 - 3:22pm
Chris S.

Medjool dates from Morocco Gold Dates at the North Park Thursday Farmers’ Market will sweeten up your holiday season. Stuff them with your favorite bleu from the Cheese Store, or check out these recipes including one that combines dates with toasted almonds from Hopkins AG and butternut squash from African Sisters’ Farm.

Pick up a naturally raised bird from DaLe Ranch for this date-stuffed chicken, or use oranges from Paradise Valley Ranch for these vegan date and orange cookies. Get Granny Smith apples and raisins from Smit Orchards for this gluten free pie, or for a lighter dish that’s still festive, pick up fennel from Suzie’s Farm for this citrus-fennel-date salad.

Make a date with the North Park Farmers’ Market this Thursday!


December 13, 2012 - 12:00pm
Christopher S.

You’ll find Swiss chard at Suzie’s Farm, JR Organics and African Sisters’ Farm at the North Park Thursday Farmers’ Market throughout the winter, long after the fickle summer vegetables have left the market.

Pick up potatoes from Proios Family Farm and plenty of fresh parsley for this Mediterranean style, vegan stuffed chard recipe, or grab some Mountain Meadow mushrooms from the Kawano Farms stand for this simple, warm, earthy mushroom-chard soup. You could kick it up a notch by combining chard with organic jack cheese from Springhill Cheese Company in these enchiladas, or visit the Salmon Slinger and try this chard wrapped salmon - you’ll also need a couple oranges from Smit Orchards for that recipe.

Shop green(s) at the market this week - it isn’t that chard!



December 5, 2012 - 9:54am
Chris S.

Pomegranates from Paradise Valley Ranch at the North Park Thursday Farmers’ Market add a festive splash of color to any holiday recipe! You can get them whole, or pick up a tub of just the seeds.

We combine them with Swiss chard from African Sisters’ Farm, heirloom tomatoes from Valdivia Farm, Morocco Gold Dates and sweet gala apples from Smit Orchards in this super fun Christmas Tree Salad, or use Belen Bakery’s country French bread and pastured eggs for this pomegranate apple bread pudding.

Spoon pomegranate seeds over a cheesecake made with Springhill Cheese Company’s organic quark, or use them in stuffing for a roast chicken from DaLe Ranch. Use them to top baked yams or sweet potatoes from Proios Family Farm. Whole pomegranates can also be used to make beautiful natural ornaments for your tree!

Enjoy the beauty and flavor of the pomegranate this holiday season.


November 28, 2012 - 2:18pm
Brijet M.

Join us on Thursday December 13th at the North Park Farmers' Market from 3-7pm for a special Holiday Edition of the market! Shop all your favorite market vendors for your holiday gifts! We'll also have special guest vendors at the market, offering special gift items just for you! 

Fresh fashions from Therapie Boutique, soaps and lotions from Purity Apothecary or Barton Dunlevy's cute succulent art. Got a foodie on your gift list? Get your stocking stuffer sized jars of Meljess Bees honey and adorable tins of roasted almonds from Hopkins AG. Sustainable Pantry's gluten-free baking mixes and treats will please anyone on your list. 

Joining us for this evening only, Salt Farm will bring their incredible infused salts in great gift packs and jars that can be gift wrapped for you. Angel Me jewelry uses copper and natural elements to make one-of-a-kind earrings, necklaces and more. 

You won't want to miss this evening of shopping and enjoying the company of your friends, neighbors and North Park community! 

Check out our facebook event details here!



November 14, 2012 - 4:22pm
Christopher S.

It’s your last chance to shop the North Park Thursday Farmers’ Market for Thanksgiving Day side dishes. Freshen up your green bean casserole with string beans and mushrooms from Kawano Farm’s stand and this recipe.

Pomegranates from Paradise Valley Ranch add a great local twist to dinner as a substitute for (or in addition to) traditional cranberry sauce (learn how here). Pick up apples from Smit Orchards, honey from Meljess Bees and butternut squash from African Sisters Farm for this glazed squash.

Does your family choose pumpkin pie or sweet potato pie for dessert? Make one of each; find pumpkins at JR Organics and sweet potatoes at Proios Family Farm, where you’ll also find Brussels sprouts that make an awesome dish when cooked with a little bacon from DaLe Ranch.

Great sides will bring wide smiles!


November 6, 2012 - 2:55pm
Christopher S.

It’s not too soon to start planning your Thanksgiving Day dinner at the North Park Thursday Farmers’ Market. Da-Le Ranch is taking pre-orders for naturally raised turkeys from their Lake Elsinore property; they range from about 12-22 pounds. Talk to the Not So Fast food truck about turkey orders as well. 

Find sweet potatoes and yams at Proios Family Farm, pie pumpkins at JR Organics, green beans at Kawano Farms, bread for stuffing at Belen Bakery, plus onion, celery and fresh herbs at Suzie’s Farm. Pick up some kale from African Sisters and put this crispy kale salad on your Thanksgiving appetizer menu. 

Don’t forget dessert; pick up Granny Smith apples from Smit Orchards and pomegranates from Paradise Valley Ranch for this apple-pomegranate pie that’s sure to become a holiday tradition. We sure are thankful for our great local farmers!