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North Park Farmers' Market Blog


April 10, 2013 - 1:40pm
Christopher S.

When we see crunchy vegetables like celery, carrots, broccoli, baby squash, Japanese turnips and radishes at the North Park Thursday Farmers’ Market, we get the urge to dunk!

Dip them in raw, vegan, flavor packed spreads from Majestic Garlic (cilantro-jalapeno is our favorite), in spicy habanero hummus from Baba Foods, or is smoky Chipotle Bitchin’ Sauce. Try making this almond hummus dip, using nuts from Hopkins AG or use their almond butter as a smear. Plunge veggies into Mediterranean garlic-herb salsa from Hani’s Olives, or make a fondue for dipping with Spring Hill Cheese Company’s organic cheddar!

Pick up Ancient Secrets yogurt and your favorite fresh herbs for this healthy dip. Load up on crisp spring vegetables from your favorite farmers and get dippin’. It’s crunch time!


April 3, 2013 - 10:17am
Christina S.

You know spring’s in full swing when you spot colorful squash blossoms, or flor de calabaza at Valdivia Farms’ stand at the North Park Thursday Farmers’ Market!

Stuff them with Spring Hill Cheese Company Quark and coat them with Belen Bakery bread crumbs for Mexican City style fried squash blossoms, fold them into quesadillas on fresh, handmade tortillas from Don Tommy’s Mexican Food, or try a lighter version of stuffed blossoms filled with Paradise Valley Ranch avocados.

Raw blossoms add a beautiful splash of color and a subtly sweet flavor to a salad of spinach from Suzie’s Farm or baby spring lettuces from JR Organics. Pick some up this Thursday, they’re bloomin’ delicious!


March 27, 2013 - 4:06pm
C. Smyczek

Hop on over to Herman Street to shop the North Park Thursday Farmers’ Market for Easter weekend treats. Grab carrots from your favorite farmer to leave out for the Easter bunny (he only eats local veggies, right?), and boil eggs from Paradise Valley Ranch for your basket and dye them naturally using beets, carrots, kale or other intensely colored vegetables.

Start off an Easter brunch with a frittata filled with Swiss chard from JR Organics and mushrooms from Kawano Farms, add a salad of spinach and strawberries from Suzie’s Farm tossed with aged balsamic from The California Olive, and and make a tart citrus punch by squeezing Smit Orchards’ tangerines with navel oranges and ruby red grapefruit from R&L Farms.

Put out a plate of smoked fish from the Salmon Slinger or roast a leg of lamb from Da-Le Ranch for the main course and don’t forget to grab something sweet like bunny cookies from Belen Bakery or local brew infused cupcakes from Pubcakes (yes, they're back!) for dessert.

Enjoy your Easter feast!



March 13, 2013 - 2:06pm
Brijet M.

Get fresh with sprouts from Suzie’s Farm at the North Park Thursday Farmers’ Market. We like to mix onion sprouts with kale from J.R. Organics Farm plus avocado and a squeeze of lemon from Paradise Valley Ranch in this outrageously healthy salad.

Use spicy China rose radish sprouts to add crunch to a sandwich of Colby Jack from Spring Hill Cheese Company and cucumber from Valdivia Farms on sliced French bread from Belen Bakery. Wrap sprouts with smoked fish from Salmon Slinger and whipped garlic spread from Hani's Olives in a fresh tortilla from Don Tommy's, or add pumpkin sprouts to a slaw of cabbage and carrot from Kawano Farms.

There’s no doubt we love sprouts!


March 6, 2013 - 1:26pm
C. Smyczek

Find your favorite root vegetables at the North Park Thursday Farmers’ Market. Crunchy carrots and snappy radishes from Valdivia Farm are a tasty treat dipped into original Bitchin’ Sauce, sweet parsnips from JR Organics make a hearty soup, and Suzie’s Farm’s turnips pair with DaLe Ranch pastured chicken in this satisfying stew.

Try Kawano Farms’ beets with fresh rosemary and thyme in broiled salmon with beets using wild caught filets from the Salmon Slinger. Or just peel and dice a few of your favorite root vegetables, toss with a little extra virgin oil from the California Olive, roast in the oven ‘til they’re soft and sweet, and top generously with grated dry jack from Spring Hill Cheese Company.

Every great dish is rooted in great ingredients!


February 27, 2013 - 1:53pm
Chris S.

Stop at Spring Hill Cheese Company at the North Park Thursday Farmers’ Market for organic cheddar and so much more from their Sonoma County Farm.

Don’t miss the Dry Jack - it’s an aged cheese that’s been been rubbed with black pepper, cocoa powder and olive oil to create a flavorful, edible rind. Use it like parmesan - we love it grated over roasted broccoli from Kawano Farms.

Smoked Yellow Cheddar is perfect for snacking - slice some up and serve with Smit Orchards’ apples, Hopkins AG roasted almonds and a San Diego brewed beer. Try making this mac n' cheese with Springhill's colby jack cheese and their rich and creamy butter. Speaking of their butter, grab some honeycomb from Meljess Bees and whip up some honeycomb butter to go with this apple-zucchini bread you can make using Smit Orchards apples and zucchini from Valdivia Farms. 


February 20, 2013 - 2:23pm
Christopher S.

There’s few foods more comforting than slowly braised, locally raised meats from DaLe Ranch at the North Park Thursday Farmers’ Market. Braising is a long, low heat cooking method that produces meltingly tender meats and vegetables -get tips here on the technique and ask rancher Dave for the best cuts of chicken, pork, beef and lamb (all hormone and antibiotic free) to use.

Be sure to add hearty vegetables like potatoes and sweet potatoes from Proios Family Farm, winter squash from African Sisters’ Farm, carrots from Kawano Farm and parsnips, turnips or radishes from JR Organics. (Vegetarians can make a great braise without the meat, of course!) Herbs like rosemary and thyme from Suzie’s Farm add depth and flavor. Combine your ingredients in the oven or crock pot and enjoy a braise-y day while they cook!


February 13, 2013 - 2:53pm
C. Smyczek

Have you tried the eggs from the happy hens of Paradise Valley Ranch at the North Park Thursday Farmers’ Market? The chickens roam sunny avocado and citrus orchards in Valley Center eating grass, bugs and the occasional fallen fruit and the eggs taste better for it.

Pick up Swiss chard from African Sisters’ Farm for a simple frittata, or grab some beets from Kawano Farms to try these purple pickled eggs. Try scrambled eggs with Spicy Zuhk, a unique garlic-parsley sauce from Hani’s Olives, or fill a fresh tortilla from Don Tommy’s with eggs and top it with Springhill Cheese Company’s cheddar and Hatch Green Chile sauce from Terra Verde Foods.

Use eggs with a baguette from Belen Bakery and produce from your favorite farmers in this awesome savory butternut squash, kale and cheddar bread pudding. Break an egg!


February 7, 2013 - 10:48am
Christina S.

Find fresh sorrel from Suzie’s Farm and JR Organics at the North Park Thursday Farmers’ Market!

Like its distant cousin, arugula, sorrel straddles the line between an herb and a salad green; it’s too flavorful to be lumped in with with lettuces, but too exuberant to be chiffonaded and sprinkled like dainty basil. While arugula found culinary fame and glory, sorrel struggles in obscurity in this country.

But sorrel’s not bitter (if anyone’ bitter, it’s arugula), sorrel’s tangy, tart, fruity and vibrant, ready to mix it up with roasted winter vegetables like beets or butternut squash in a salad, or swim with Springhill Cheese Company’s butter and braised radishes. Sorrel soars in simple dishes that showcase high quality ingredients - it will really bring out the qualities of estate bottled olive oils from the California Olive.

Find more recipe ideas here, and be sure to take home a bunch this week or you’ll be sorrel!


January 30, 2013 - 2:23pm
C. Smyczek

The new nut at the North Park Thursday Farmers’ Market is California pistachios from Smit Orchards and Hopkins AG; they’re perfect on their own as a crunchy snack but also make a wonderful addition to all sorts of sweet and savory dishes.

We like to toss them into a smoothie of JR Organics’ strawberries and Smit Orchards’ apple cider, sprinkle them over a salad of Suzie’s Farm arugula drizzled with oil and vinegar from the California Olive, or stir-fry them with broccoli and mushrooms from Kawano Farms.

Try them in this pistachio-date pie with medjools from Morocco Gold Dates or pick up fresh fennel from Suzie’s Farm and fish from the Salmon Slinger for wild Alaskan salmon with pistachio pesto. Italians are fond of pureeing pistachios with honey and using it like butter - go to Meljess Bees and try it out for yourself!