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We're Sweet on Sweet Peppers

August 5, 2011 - 4:48pm
Carolyn K


A plethora of peppers have hit the North Park Farmers Market!  With so many shapes and colors to choose from, we thought that a quick primer on peppers was in order.  First, differently colored peppers are not different peppers at all! Typically, they signify various stages of growth and maturity. A green pepper is just a red pepper that hasn’t fully ripened.  Next, what gives the pepper it's heat is a chemical called capsicum.  Peppers that do not contain capsicum such as bell peppers, are considered sweet.
Now that you're schooled on peppers, here are some of the infinite ways you can cook with them.  One of our favorite dishes is Nicolau Farms chevre stuffed roasted peppers finished with Thyme of Essence dried thyme . Another dish that shouldn't be missed is chile rellanos!  Roast any of the multitude of peppers, now available at Suzie's or Paradise Valley, remove the charred skins, fill with Springhill Garlic Jack Cheese, coat with flour and fry! Finally,  we think that the combination of sweet peppers and JR Organics heirloom tomatoes in a sweet pepper and heirloom gazpacho  goes together just like salt and pepper!