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August 5, 2011 - 10:09am
Hillary E.

We may not have the lush tropical gardens - owing to the fact that San Diego is all coastal desert - that evoke romantic scenes from childhood books, but that doesn't make native succulent and cactus landscapes any less dramatic and beautiful. Plants in these families are well suited to our mostly arid climate of warm days and infrequent rain, adapting by being able to store water in their leaves, stems and roots.

At the North Park Farmers' Market you'll find John Gilruth with his plentiful selection of cactus and succulents for sale. With many varieties and sizes to choose from, he's practically got his own mobile garden going on in the booth already. Excellent in outdoor planters or in well drained soil, bring some home to start your own desert garden scape. To change up the scene, John Gilruth also has Protea plants for sale. Also known as sugarbushes, the flowers on these sparse and unassuming plants look almost prehistoric but dazzle in their many colors, shapes and sizes.

If it's something smaller you're after, Midori Plant & Crafts has tiny little succulent gardens already potted in small ceramics and coffee mugs. Perfect as gifts, or for creating a harmonious natural corner in your workspace, we find them hard to resist. So come on! Get in the garden!


Wow amazing Garden,
This garden is really amazing and very nice place to visit and get all kind of plants.

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