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Savoury Southwestern

September 7, 2011 - 8:37am
Britta T


Let's face it- people in California love Southwestern food. And in our small San Diego corner of the world, that means any fusion of ingredients that Spaniards, cowboys, Native Americans and Mexicans might have gnoshed on. You'll find the stalls bursting at our North Park Farmer's Market with ingredients for you to satiate those spicy cravings create your own style of Southwestern cuisine.

If you haven't already tried a sample, Bitchin' Sauce offers a spicy chipotle sauce that you can smother over just about anything. Make yourself a Southwestern breakfast bowl with fresh black eyed peas from JR Organics and corn kernels from Kawano Farms. Add a couple of sliced jalapenos from Suzie's Farm, diced heirloom tomatoes from Valdivia, and creamy chunks of Reed avocados from John Gilruth. You can add farm fresh poached eggs from Paradise Valley Ranch and top it off with chopped cilantro from Maciel & Family.

When you need a simple afternoon snack, reach for a handful of Smoked Chipotle almonds from Hopkins AG to give you that spicy kick you need to make it to dinner, and if you're still hungry by the time the market comes to and end, be sure to stop by Gourmet Tamales for a savory Sweet Corn and Poblano tamale!