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Lettuce Gather

March 8, 2012 - 9:14am
Chris S


Tender red and green leaf, buttery Bibb, crisp romaine, and gorgeous Galactic are just some of the lettuces found at the North Park Farmers’ Market from Gilbert Quintos, JR Organics and Suzie’s Farm. Not just for salads anymore, these garden fresh greens can play multiple roles in your next dinner party. With its deep red wine color, slightly bitter flavor, and generously large leaves, galactic lettuce is perfect for an appetizer of lettuce wraps filled with braised beef from DaLe Ranch.  

Firm and crunchy romaine lettuce can take the heat, so slice a head in half, brush it with olive oil and grill it over hot coals - you’ll love the slightly smoky flavor, and it’s even better if you top it with a crumble of Parmigiano reggiano from Taste Cheese.  Think outside the box and try lettuce soup - it’s different and delicious, and a perfect way to use up any leftover lettuce hanging around the back of your refrigerator.  

If it is salad you're serving, there’s an endless list of toppings available at the market - will you pick up olives from Lisko Imports, dates from Morocco Gold, winter hoop-house tomatoes from Valdivia Farms or apples and almonds from Smit Orchards? Come by the North Park Farmers’ Market on Thursday and lettuce give you some more ideas!