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Just as Cute and Tasty

January 19, 2012 - 6:25am
Robyn G & Catt W


You've got to hand it to the three California Citrus growers that branded their clementines as Cuties and made them a marketing legend and a guilt-free, go back for seconds (or thirds) food for late night sweet tooth cravings. Just as tasty and easy to eat, find Page tangerines, Clementines and Satsuma tangerines at the North Park Farmers' Market this week. You'll be paying just for the fruit, not the brand, so you'll save a little cash while encouraging your kids' love of these naturally sweet and healthy treats. Pick up a dozen from Paradise Valley Ranch, Smit Orchards or R&L Farms.

Eat them as is, for a Vitamin C-packed, super sweet snack, or get creative and try adding a touch of tangerine juice along with the lime in guacamole for a surprising undertone. They're amazing as an addition to many salads: section a tangerine, toss with fresh spinach from Suzie’s Farm and a thinly sliced red onion from JR Organics. Whisk together a little tangerine juice, salt and pepper, California Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar and you’ve got yourself a great start to any dinner. For a main dish, pick up a tri tip from Da Le Ranch and vroccoli from Kawano Farms and try this Tangerine Beef recipe. 

It's cold season, so spike your green tea with the juice of a tangerine, some fresh mint and a squeeze of honey from Meljess Bees for a soothing and healing beverage. Tangerines are usually at the market form November to late April, so enjoy them while you can.