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Home (Decor) for the Holidays

December 7, 2011 - 4:00pm
Julie R


When you live in a climate where winter clothes = long sleeved t-shirts, sometimes the winter wonderland feeling doesn’t kick in easily, but get into the holiday spirit now by shopping at the North Park Farmers market! 

Pick up bunches of holly from Maldonado Growers to hang on your door or put in a big vase and decorate like a little Christmas tree. Buy their evergreen garlands to hang above your fireplace or wrap around the banister on your stairs. Not much of a decorator? Just place a potted poinsettia by the door and let those red flowers exorcise the Grinch in anyone.

Get a wreath made from red chilies and organic flowers from JR Organics to show the world that you are in the holiday spirit and proudly support local farmers and farmers' markets.  Pile chilis or red apples from Smit Orchards in a pretty basket from Paradise Valley Ranch and use as a centerpiece for your next dinner party.

Keeping it subtle? Pick a nice little succulent from John Gilruth and tie a ribbon around the pot, set it on your desk and ease on into the holiday spirit! Stack persimmons in a tall vase on the mantel, or use a pretty bouquet of red gladioli to make a statement and make yourself at home for the holidays.