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Cauliflower Power!

January 11, 2012 - 4:49pm
Julie SR and Catt W


If you've ever considered cauliflower a boring old standby, a trip to the North Park Farmers' Market this week may change your mind. At Suzie's Farm choose from pale green kaleidoscopic Romanesco or their newest deep pink Graffiti cauliflower. Each has its own distinctive taste, and the colors add a little fun to the plate. (Graffiti actually turns purpley blue when cooked - take that, George Carlin.) Rodney Kawano Farms and Proios Family Fams offer the more typical white heads, but like all vegetables, the taste is more intense when it's fresh from the farm.

No matter what you cauli it, rich in vitamin C and K, cauliflower is perfect for crudites dipped in Baba Food’s Baba Ganoush or Majestic Garlic's sprouted hummus. We love that veg on veg action. A quick trim and steam or slow roast are easy ways to cook florets or whole heads.  For an incredibly eye-catching side, steam a Romanesco for around 15 minutes and serve it whole, with the slightest drizzle of Springhill Farm's fresh butter.

Any variety can be added to a simple veggie stir fry with carrots from JR Organics and peppers and squash from Valdividia Farms. Or make a gratin that is as easy and comforting as it is pretty, with a little gooey gruyere from Taste Cheese. You've got the (cauli)power!