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It's a Squash

September 28, 2011 - 2:17pm
Britta T

Summer's gone and there's no better way to honor the season by shopping for squash at the Little Italy Mercato. For healthy, delicious, and easy to cook meals, get creative, spend some time in the kitchen, and turn out a few amazing meals from this amazing vegetable!
Casseroles are always crowd pleasers- they feed the masses and leave you with loveable leftovers. Try mixing some delicious goat-cheese feta from Nicolau Farmstead with thinly sliced yellow squash, green onions and garlic from Sage Mountain, and some fresh herbs sprinkled on top. Perfection!
Who can say no to fresh baked zucchini bread? It’s like cake but with half the guilt! Add fresh fruit and nuts from Smit Orchards or Hopkins AG, and bake just until the loaf browns to keep it moist and sweet. You’re sure to find loads of new “friends” once the smells from your kitchen reach the street.
How about trying an easy, healthy zucchini salad? Chop up dark green zucchini and sweet bell peppers from JR Farms, add olives from Falcone’s, and juicy cherry tomatoes from Kawano Farms for a simple salad that will make waves with your neighbors.