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For better, for Broccoli

October 31, 2011 - 11:26am
Britta T

Broccoli is beginning to blossom again in San Diego and you'll find beautiful florets, stalks, and leaves at many of our farmers' stalls at the Little Italy Mercato. One of the most nourishing and delicous of cruciferous vegetables, broccoli can make everyone happy and you can use it in many types of dishes. 

Toss pasta with olive oil from Falcone's, roasted pine nuts or almonds and steamed "hapy rich" broccoli florets from Suzie's Farm. This is one of the most sweet and tender varieites you'll find at the market. Add a bit of black truffle salt from Salt Farm. Or purée cooked Japanese broccolli from Vang Farm, then combine with a few fingerling potatoes from Weiser Farms and perhaps a few herbs of your choice to make a simple, yet delicious, soup.

Broccoli is super fun. Steam the stems and rub with butter from Spring Hill Chese, fresh lemon juice and garlic from Schaner's Farm. Add a few black olives from Lisko for an awesome appetizer. Broccoli fills you with vitamins, fiber, and anti-inflammatory flavanoids, so you're covered, for better or for worse, when it comes to staying healthy...