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October 9, 2013 - 5:24pm
Brijet M.

Dig out your blankets, it's time to light the fire and cozy up on the couch with a warm cup of stew made with ingredients found at the North Park Thursday farmers' market

Fall veggies are plentiful at the market these days. Buy pumpkins and squash at Suzie's Farm to make your favorite comfort recipe. Buy 2-3 persimmons from Atkins Nursery and grab dates from Moroccan Gold Dates so you can try this Sweet Pumpkin Persimmon Soup

Load up on pork shoulder from Da-Le Ranch for this hearty Rustic Winter Stew or gather root vegetables and make your own soup-er recipe. Not in the mood to cook? One Fresh Meal brings Vegan Black Bean Chili, Roasted Squash Soup and Parsnip and Apple Curry Soup to the market so you can take some home and enjoy it right away. No pots to clean! 

The North Park Thursday farmers' market is open rain or shine and we are looking at a dry day to shop this week! Come out and support your local farmers and food purveyors... see you there from 3pm - 7pm! 


October 4, 2013 - 12:02pm
Brijet M.

It must be Fall, because we have been seeing vibrant red pomegranates at the Little Italy Mercato. Look for them at Heritage Farm, Lone Oak Ranch, Fancy Treats Farm and Tom King in the coming weeks. Often called a ‘superfood’ due to their antioxidant content, pomegranates add a splash of color and a bright, sweet-tart flavor to all sorts of sweet and savory dishes.

Sprinkle the seeds over a cheesecake made with Springhill Cheese Company organic quark, or stir into your Ancient Secrets Greek yogurt in the morning. Cook them together with their juice to make a sauce for roast duck from Da-Le Ranch, or pick up avocados from Paradise Valley Ranch or Gilbert Quintos Farm for pomegranate guacamole.

Fresh pomegranates are in season from now through the end of fall!


October 2, 2013 - 8:41am
Brijet M.

Medjool dates from Morocco Gold Dates are back at the North Park Thursday Farmers’ Market! Grab a bag and have the perfect mid-afternoon snack, or check out these recipes including one that combines dates with toasted almonds from Hopkins AG and butternut squash from African Sisters’ Farm.

Pick up a naturally raised bird from Da-Le Ranch for this date-stuffed chicken, or use oranges from Paradise Valley Ranch for these vegan date and orange cookies. Get Granny Smith apples and raisins from Smit Farms for this gluten free pie, or for a lighter dish that’s still festive, pick up fennel from Suzie’s Farm and citrus from Atkins Nursery or R&L Farms for this citrus-fennel-date salad.

Make a date with the North Park Farmers’ Market every Thursday from 3 - 7pm!


September 30, 2013 - 12:31pm
Brijet M.

Go nuts at the Pacific Beach Tuesday Farmers' Market! Hopkins AG brings a wide variety of dry roasted almonds, along with 100% pure almond butter- try a smear of on your sprouted wheat bread from Belen Bakery toast in the morning for a champion's breakfast. Toss slivered almonds in a salad like this; using the beet stems or a bowl of torn watercress from Suzie's Farm, goat cheese feta from Nicolau Farm and roasted beets from Maciel Farm.

Feeling extra nutty? Buy a bag of Mexican Chocolate roasted almonds from Smit Farms to snack on and grab a bag of gala apples from Lone Oak Ranch and dip in a jar of your favorite flavored or Classic Organic Valencia Peanut PB Peanut Butter! While you're there, grab a jar of their CinnaYum peanut butter to spread on your WowWow Waffle or eat with a spoon later.. 

Gilbert Quintos Family Farm has fresh picked macadamia nuts by the basket. These seasonal tree nuts have tough shells to crack, but Gilbert opens them up before he loads up the baskets, saving you the trouble. Feeling perplexed about nuts at farmers' markets? Check out a little back-story on these protein-rich treats here.

Stock up on a few pounds and try making macadamia nut butter. Since macadamia nuts are already so buttery, you don't need to add oil and the result is a smooth, delicious flavor you'll want to eat by the spoonful.

Macadamia nuts are often seen in Hawaiian dishes, so get in the mood and grab a fresh coconut from Coconut Fresh to sip while you shop. Aloha!  


September 27, 2013 - 1:27pm
Brijet M.

Sweet, sticky, gooey; we love our local honey at the Little Italy Mercato. The bees are a buzzin', busy pollinating plants and taking the sweet nectar of flowers back to the hive to make this all natural treat. It's flora and fauna working in perfect synergy. Get your honey fix at Heritage Family Farms, Papa Jim's Honey and Mikolich Honey.

Buy a wedge of Ewe's Blue from The Cheese Store of SD and drizzle with honey to take your cheese plate to a whole new level. Grab root vegetables like rainbow carrots and beets from Maciel Farm and Sage Mountain Farm and toss with a little Bistro Blends olive oil, balsamic vinegar from Thyme of Essence and a spoonful of honey. Add a dab of Nicolau Farms goat cheese for this recipe. Swirl honey in your Ancient Secrets Greek yogurt, add Safari Crunch or NanDog's Naturals Granola and your favorite seasonal fruit and you have yourself a tasty, healthy breakfast.

There's an old bit of health advice that says a little dose of local honey a day can help fight seasonal allergies, so long as it's raw and unfiltered (raw, unfiltered honey contains small amounts local pollen, the culprit behind hay fever).

From the hard working bees that make it possible, to the phenomenal pairings you can create with foods, we're just crazy about this nature made treat. Buy local honey and support local honey bees! Buzz!


September 20, 2013 - 10:41am
Brijet Myers

Head to the Little Italy Mercato this Saturday and buy the pear-fect fruit for your summertime recipes. Asian pears have hit the market thanks to Heritage Family Farm, Gilbert Quintos Farm, Doucette Farms and Smit Farms, and these sweet fruits are pretty versatile. 

According to the Chinese, pears are considered a cooling fruit- and that's something we need during these last few days of summer! Grab some pears and a few fuji apples from Lone Oak Ranch for this Easy Pear Sauce (great for lunchboxes as the kids head back to school this month!). Buy lemons from Polito Family Farm and organic butter from Springhill Cheese Company for these Vanilla Roasted Pears

Goat cheese from Nicolau Farms and this Pear Marmalade go together perfectly on your favorite crackers or crusty bread from Bread & Cie or Belen Bakery. Try blending pears for a glaze like the one used on these chicken skewers (pick up the bird from Descanso Valley Ranch or Spur Valley Ranch). We used rich bleu cheese from the San Diego Cheese Store on this Asian Pear Pizza and loved the strong flavors. 

Pick up three or four pears to keep on hand for your summer salads, to pack in your picnic basket or munch while you shop the Mercato! 


September 18, 2013 - 3:29pm
Brijet M.

School is back in session and the North Park Thursday farmers' market can help make packing up those lunchboxes a bit easier (and healthier). Grab fruits that are easy to tuck in the kids' lunch sacks like red and emerald pluots and gala apples from R&L Farms and Atkins Nursery's easy to peel golden nugget oranges. Find fresh made granola bars at Belen Bakery and bread while you're there for sandwiches. 

Buy crisp cucumbers and yellow wax beans (kids love them raw!) from J.R. Organics and crunchy rainbow carrots from Valdivia Farms (get ranch dressing for dipping from Epicurean Organic). Slice up your favorite cheese from Springhill Cheese Company and pack in a reusable container with Kyoho grapes from D&G Produce. Pick up dried apricots and raisins from Smit Farms by the bag to have on-hand during after school errands. Make your own trail mix using honey roasted almonds from Hopkins AG and Safari Crunch Granola (found at the Majestic Garlic booth).

Healthy snacks are ready to make this school year the best one yet! Shop the market every Thursday all throughout the year from 3pm - 7pm!


September 17, 2013 - 1:58pm
Brijet M.

Eat well and feel great at the Pacific Beach Tuesday farmers' market. 'Tis the season for colds, flus and all-around energy lows after a fun-filled summer season- Luckily, it's also the season to find a bounty of health boosting foods and juices at the market.

Reboot with Greenfix Organic Smoothies by the cup or the jug. If you'd rather eat your greens than drink them, buy dark, leafy, vitamin-rich kale from J.R. Organics to mix into your salads or make into kale chips. Pick up bags of Valencia oranges from Paradise Valley Ranch to stock up on vitamin C, and grab a bottle of fresh-squeezed juice while you're there to drink right away.

The PB Tuesday Market is happy to welcome OH Juice to the market this week. Talk to owner Hannah about her specialized juices that she sources from local farmers and can get you on the track back to health. Eating well is the key to staying healthy and getting better, so let the market be your farmacy!


September 11, 2013 - 3:35pm
Brijet M.

Summer brings the bounty of bright red, yellow, purple and orange tomatoes to the North Park Thursday farmers' market and we've been dicing, stewing and snacking on them during these warm days all summer long. But as the heat starts to wear off and the days get shorter, let's not forget to enjoy these juicy fruits scattered on the farmers' tables before they're gone! 

Pick the oddest shaped, biggest heirloom variety from J.R. Organics and dice them with chile peppers, onion and cilantro from African Sister's Farm for a bright salsa fresca, or add them to ripe avocados from Paradise Valley Ranch for guacamole.

Slice beefsteak tomatoes from Valdivia Farm and serve with your favorite cheeses from Springhill Cheese Company, fresh basil from Atkins Nursery and a touch of olive oil from The California Olive, or pick up R&L Farms citrus to try this cool and refreshing Grapefruit and Heirloom Tomato Salad. Buy multi-colored cherry tomatoes from Suzie's Farm to add a finishing touch on any salad or to snack on while you cook your main meal. 

These summer treats will be piled high at the North Park Market, see you there from 3-7pm


September 5, 2013 - 10:07am
Brijet M.

The heat is on in San Diego, and that means melons are gracing the farmers' tables at the North Park Thursday Farmers' Market. Save room in your shopping bag because you won't be able to resist the multi-colored melons found at Valdivia Farm, Behneman FarmsSuzie's Farm and J.R. Organics' booth. Find tips for best use of these sweet fruits here.

Classic red melons are perfect sliced and served on a tray for a BBQ side dish or packed in the kids' lunchboxes. Use orange or yellow watermelons, oranges and juice from Paradise Valley Ranch and cucumbers from African Sisters' Farm in recipes like Watermelon Salsa for a punch of color.

Serve up drinks for the grown-ups with a twist; try this Watermelon Tequila beverage with Meljess Bees Honey. Into pickling? Don't toss those rinds! Follow these steps to use the melon shell.

Enjoy them now.... when this season is over, you'll be melon-choly!


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