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SD Weekly Markets Blog


August 5, 2013 - 6:00pm
Brijet Myers

Satisfy that sweet tooth with locally made goodies at the North Park Thursday Farmers’ Market! Pick up a box of cupcakes made with beer from San Diego craft breweries like Stone and Ballast Point (try the Portzilla!) from PubCakes. Buy a mini-pie from Madison Ave Pies or bring home a whole one. Sourced from local fruits found at the market, flavors vary from Rhubarb to Peach Crumble!

Moncai Vegan is famous for their cinnamon rolls (once you have one, you'll know why)- but don't miss their donuts and featured dessert this week: Dark Cherry Streusel. Order a cup of iced Vietnamese coffee with a touch of sweet condensed milk from Pho Realz to go with your sweets!

Looking to make or bake dessert using the abundance of sweet summer produce at the market? Try this Vanilla Bean Quark Cheesecake with Balsamic Roasted Strawberries (what a mouthful.. literally!) using J.R. Organics' sweet, juicy strawberries and the perfect Balsamic Vinegar from The California Olive. If you find the thought of making cheesecake daunting enough without the added pressure of making your own quark from scratch (you're not alone)- pick up pre-made quark from Springhill Cheese Company. Find pounds of peaches for this Peach Cobbler at Smit Orchards and R&L Farms (get the egg at Suzie's Farm).

Buy baskets of berries at the market for these Goat Cheese and Fresh Berry Tartelettes. Ancient Secrets has the goat cheese and you'll find blueberries at Valdivia Farms, raspberries at Rodney Kawano Farms and almonds for the sablee at Hopkins AG. When all else fails, fresh berries tossed with a squeeze of lime juice from Atkins Nursery and drizzled with Meljess Bees honey is an easy dessert to serve!

Sweet dreams tonight, see you at the market tomorrow from 3 to 7pm!


July 31, 2013 - 12:19pm
Chris S.

Chill out with cold soups made from the bright summer produce you’ll find at the North Park Thursday Farmers’ Market. Crisp cucumbers mingle with grapes from Smit Orchards and Ancient Secrets’ yogurt in this Chilly- Dilly Soup, super healthy greens get a boost of flavor from fresh citrus in Cold Kale-Summer Squash Soup, and crunchy radishes and cilantro from Valdivia Farm add a kick to Vegan Chilled Corn Soup.

If you don’t want to cook tonight, One Fresh Meal brings their signature gazpacho made from market fresh vegetables as well as a deliciously cool Mediterranean Chick Pea Salad. There’s no need to wait for winter to enjoy the comforting flavor of great soup! 


July 24, 2013 - 10:32pm
Christian S.

Look for fresh okra at African Sisters Farm and Suzie’s Farm at the North Park Thursday Farmers’ Market. These finger sized green pods arrived in the United States from Africa, and are a staple food in the American South, especially New Orleans- that city’s signature dish, gumbo, derives its name from an African word for okra.

Try an andouille sausage and chicken gumbo with locally raised meats from Da-Le Ranch, topped with a few drops of Mando Hot Sauce. Make a meatless meal of okra sauteed with garlic and heirloom tomatoes from Valdivia Farm, or pick up some citrus from R&L Farms for grilled okra with red-curry lime dressing.

Shop for okra and all your favorite summer produce from 3 to 7 PM!


July 19, 2013 - 1:13pm
Christopher S.

Look for heirloom tomatoes from Schaner Farm, J.R. Organics, Tom King Farm and all your favorites at the Little Italy Mercato this week. Dice them with chile peppers, onion and cilantro from Suzie’s Farm for a bright salsa fresca, or add them to ripe avocados from Terra Bella Ranch for guacamole.

Slice them and serve with ultra-fresh Gioia Burrata from The Cheese Store, fresh basil from Gilbert Quintos Farm and a touch of local olive oil from The Farmer’s Daughter, or pick up Polito Farm citrus to try this cool and refreshing Grapefruit and Heirloom Tomato Salad.

These summer treats sell fast, so shop early for the best selection; the Little Italy Mercato opens at 8AM!


July 17, 2013 - 2:29pm
Brijet M.

Join us at the North Park Thursday Farmers' Market on July 18th at 5:30pm as San Diego Council President Todd Gloria celebrates the Herman Avenue makeover!

The market staff noticed Herman Avenue and adjoining sidewalks were in pretty bad shape, causing wheelchairs and strollers to get stuck and creating an unsafe path for our shoppers to walk through the market. Todd's squad of dedicated "sexy street lovers" jumped on our request to help fix the street! Herman Avenue now looks sleek and safe. Mr. Gloria will be joining us at the market to discuss the importance of investing in neighborhood infrastructure and also enjoying the abundance of summer crops, shopping for locally made food and checking out the craft items from our vendors! Won't you join us too? 

The North Park Thursday farmers' market is open every Thursday / rain or shine / year-round / 3pm - 7pm! Located on Herman Avenue, just south of University to North Park Way by the CVS. See you there! 



July 15, 2013 - 1:25pm
Chris S.

Take a break from summer’s heat with a handful of cool, juicy, red and green grapes from Smit Orchards, R&L Farms or Lone Oak Ranch at the Pacific Beach Tuesday Farmers’ Market.

Eat them fresh, pop them in the freezer for an icy snack, or toss them with cantaloupe and strawberries from Kawano Farms for a fun fruit salad. Pick up chevre from Nicolau Farms and nuts from Hopkins AG for an appetizer of Chilled Green Grapes with Goat Cheese and Pistachios, use Maciel Farm’s fresh herbs and Mikolich Honey for a blended Basil-Grape Slush, or pair green grapes with English cucumbers from J.R. Organics in a cool gazpacho.

Get your grapes this Tuesday from 2 to 7pm and have a bunch of fun!


July 12, 2013 - 11:07am
Christina S.

Find piles of purple, green and yellow string beans at Vang’s Farm, Maciel Farm, J.R. Organics and all your favorites at the Little Italy Mercato!

Cook them with Mikolich Honey and Hopkins AG almonds to make Spicy-Sweet Beans, or pick up cherry tomatoes from Suzie’s Farm for this cool string bean salad. Try easy grilled green beans with a little lemon zest from Polito Farm- we added summer squash and onions from Schaner Farms to the mix.

These beans will keep in your refrigerator for a few days, but their snappy texture and flavor are best if you enjoy them soon after they’re picked, so fill your shopping bag this Saturday!


July 10, 2013 - 3:32pm
Chris S.

Get your green tomatoes from J.R. Organics at the North Park Thursday Farmers Market; these unripe fruits have a firm flesh and a zippy, tangy flavor that’s perfect in salsa verde with citrus from R&L Farms and cilantro from African Sisters Farm. Make classic fried green tomatoes with pastured eggs from Paradise Valley Ranch and Belen Bakery bread crumbs, or try a grilled tomato caprese with garlic curds from Spring Hill Cheese Company. Pick up peppers and onions from Suzie’s Farm and an apple from Smit Orchards for green tomato chutney - we spooned it over grilled pork chops from Da-Le Ranch. If you’re holding out for ripe, red tomatoes, they’re starting to appear at Valdivia Farms and Kawano Farms, and the bigger heirloom varieties will be here over the next few weeks - summer’s going to get sweeter!



July 4, 2013 - 2:06pm
Christopher S.

Keep the Independence Day celebration going with an all American barbecue from the Little Italy Mercato. Start with grown in the USA veggies like sweet corn from Kawano Farms, summer squash and onion from Sage Mountain Farm, and green beans from Suzie’s Farm. (click links for recipes!)

Carnivores can grab grass fed ground beef for burgers from SonRise Ranch (we top ours with organic cheddar from Spring Hill Cheese), pastured beef tri-tip from Da-Le Ranch, or locally made sausages from the Meat Men. Find free roaming chicken at Descanso Valley Ranch or Spur Valley Ranch, and get great grilling and basting sauce at Bistro Blends or Gourmet Delights.

Make BBQ season great this summer!

The North Park Market Wishes you a Happy 4th!

July 3, 2013 - 12:28pm
Brijet M.

The North Park Thursday Farmers’ Market will be closed on July 4th so our farmers, vendors and staff can celebrate Independence Day.

We’re proud to support the American economy each and every week by offering you the chance to patronize local farms, small businesses, and the spirit of entrepreneurship. Have a safe, happy and healthy holiday! We'll see you back in North Park on Thursday, July 11th from 3 - 7pm